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HSE COVID-19 Document Pack




The Covid-19 documentation pack consists of fifty-two (52) legally compliant, as well as compliant to the “WHO – World Health Organisation” COVID-19 requirements and consists of 11 folders with 52 Microsoft fully editable documents, with no access or editing restrictions.

This pack includes:

COVID-19 Appointment – Covid-19 Compliance Officer – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Appointment – HSE Covid-19 Manager – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Checklist – HSE – General – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Checklist – HSE Face Mask & Respirators – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Checklist – HSE PPE Hand Sanitizer – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Checklist – HSE Screening – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Emergency Repsonse Plan COVID-19 – 2021.docx
COVID-19 HSE COVID Hotline Number – 2021.docx
COVID-19 HSE DOL Plan – 2021.docx
COVID-19 HSE Induction – 2021.docx
COVID-19 HSE Plan – 2021.docx
COVID-19 HSE Policy – 2021.docx
COVID-19 HSE Policy Statement- 2021.docx
Covid-19 Poster HandWash alternative_poster.jpg
Covid-19 Poster how-to-remove-gloves.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_All.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_Greeting01.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_Greeting02.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_Masks.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_Sanitize.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_Sneezing.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_Social Distancing.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_Surfaces.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_Tissues.pdf
Covid-19 Poster SAIOSH – posters_Washing hands.pdf
Covid-19 Poster Stop Spread Germs Poster.jpg
Covid-19 Poster Symptoms Poster.jpg
Covid-19 Poster Wash Hands Poster.jpg
Covid-19 Poster wash-your-hands-an-wear-a-mask.jpg
Covid-19 Poster When to _ Wash Your Hands.png
Covid-19 Poster WHO – how-to-use-mask-v0-1-print.pdf
Covid-19 Poster WHO – when-to-use-a-mask-v0-1-print.pdf
Covid-19 Poster WHO_how-to-use-mask.pdf
Covid-19 Poster.jpg
COVID-19 Procedure – COID Reporting – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Procedure – Driving – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Procedure – Personal Hygiene – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Procedure – Screening Procedure – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Procedure – Work Place Safety and Hygiene – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Procedure – Workplace Readiness – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Risk Assessment – HSE – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Dealing With Mental Stress During – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Disinfection Protocols – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Disposable Respirators – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Emergency Preparedness – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Home Office Ergonomics – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Official Toolbox Talks- 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Removing Disposable Gloves and Masks – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Social Distancing – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Working Alone – 2021.docx
COVID-19 Toolbox Talks – Working Remotely in This Pandemic – 2021.docx


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